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Generic Propecia (Fiinasteride, PropeciaŽ equivalent)

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Most male impotence drugs come in different doses. Generic Cialis is produced in 10mg and 20mg. We only have the strongest form of Cialis available at 20mg. You can buy Cialis without prescription at half the regular price of pharmacies in Canada.


How To Buy Discount Propecia (Finasteride) Without Prescription

For men looking to gain from hair loss and want to grow their hair back or prevent going bald or permanent baldness there is a great drug called Propecia. You can order discount Propecia in generic form us without prescription and at cheap prices lower than your local pharmacy. We also have free shipping to all residents of Canada and the cost is in Canadian dollars. Please use our order page to purchase Propecia. All medication is safe, pharmacy grade and has expiry dates on the packaging. If you have tried buying from other online sources and have had your order not arrive you can be assured that you will get it this time as we ship direct from Canada. Most other online websites send outside of Canada.

What Is Propecia

Propecia is the name for an FDA approved drug that enables the growth of hair after baldness has occurred or begun to occur in male pattern baldness. This pill reduces the amount of DHT, which is a main cause of male hair loss.

This is the brand name for the drug Finasteride and is a prescription medication that helps to re-grow hair from what is termed male pattern baldness. This is caused by androgens, which is an excess of hormones and is hereditary. This prescription medication helps to decrease the amount of androgens, and in effect, enables hair to begin growing again.

While Finasteride does not work for everyone, it can take three months or longer to see the results. Some men will need to take the daily dosages for as long as six months to see the growth of new hair. When the drug is taken twelve months or longer and there is no new hair growth, it may not work for this person that has taken it for this length of time without seeing any results. The percentage of people this hair growing drug does work for is at least sixty-six percent according to reported hair growth by Finasteride patients.


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